Lex Narro


Manage your CPD records effortlessly. Lex Narro is a simple way to manage and report your CPD records. Made for busy Australian qualified lawyers. Available on IOS, Android and web application.

What is Lex Narro?

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) record keeping software

What type of technology?

Web and mobile application (Android and iOS)


Lex Narro Pty Ltd

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Similar tech products

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Non-tech alternatives

Hard copy records

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Which practitioners would find this technology useful?

All practitioners needing to keep track of their CPD records

How does it work?

Lex Narro can be accessed via a mobile application (Android or iOS) or a web portal.  In either case, once a profile is created and a jurisdiction selected, the system then keeps track of all entered CPD for each CPD year including ticking off the specific category requirements such as Ethics, Substantive Law etc.

A CPD record is quickly and easily added by simply selecting the  “Create New Record” option and then entering the necessary information such as date, category, activity, hours, CPD provider, your role in the event (eg attendee, presenter, author) and a general description.  A record can also have documents attached to it, such as a tax invoice or the notes of the event, as evidence of attendance.

As records are added, the home screen provides a running tally of the total points accumulated and ticks off each category as they are attained.  The categories are also specific to the relevant state selected by the practitioner.

The home screen also provides a reminder of the number of days left in the CPD year so that as the end of the year approaches, the practitioner is aware of the need to arrange additional CPD should there be a shortfall.

A useful function of Lex Narro is that it allows the carrying over of excess CPD points (provided such carryover is permitted by the relevant jurisdiction’s regulations).  If excess CPD points are available, the “Carry Over” function can be selected and those points will then be moved to the subsequent CPD year.  Usefully, points are only carried over if they do not render the year in which they were accumulated non-compliant (ie a particular category is no longer ticked as a result of the carry-over).

At the conclusion of the CPD year, a summary record can be easily exported into a pdf report or emailed.  Each year’s records are also retained on the practitioner’s profile and can be easily accessed and reviewed at any time.


A core benefit of Lex Narro is its immediacy in that practitioners can make their entries from their phone whilst at the relevant CPD session.  Alternatively, a legal secretary can make the entry at the time of booking the CPD or recording it in a practitioner’s diary.

Also, at any given time, a practitioner can open the app on the phone and check their CPD tally and activities.

Given the ease with which summary records can be extracted and converted to a pdf, complying with a CPD audit becomes very quick and easy.

Also, should practitioners change the jurisdiction in which they are a registered practitioner, the records can be retained but the change of jurisdiction can be updated which then also updates the relevant CPD requirements for that state.

All data is also retained on Australian servers.


As Lex Narro is a cloud product, the standard risks regarding the uploading, downloading and storage of data by a third party applies.

If there are changes to the CPD regulations, then you are reliant on the app also being updated to reflect those changes and keep your compliance correct.


If a practitioner doesn’t renew, then their access to their data is lost although it can all first be extracted as a pdf.  However, unless otherwise requested, the data is kept for 12 months in case the practitioner chooses to renew during that period.  Otherwise, at the end of 12 months, the data will be deleted (although the practitioner will first be notified that this is about to occur).