Cyber Secure Technology Management


Traditional IT services focus on managing computers, and in the past this worked fine. Things have changed – the Internet of Things (IoT), everything in the cloud, cyber-crime threatening the survival of every business. These new challenges require a different approach.

Cyber Secure Technology Management is a whole-of-business approach to managing technology; technology strategy, technology delivery, and ongoing technology management, underpinned by best practice cyber security.

In a world where everything is online and connected, cyber security is no longer just an IT issue, it is a business issue. That is why we developed our Cyber Security Framework, and as a result cyber security forms the foundation that underpins everything we do.

Our technology roadmap help firms identify and prioritise the technology to address the current needs, whilst also providing the flexibility to meet the needs of the future.

Ignite Systems
Ignite Systems

Melbourne VIC, Australia

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